Withdrawing Crypto

Fintap provides a variety of options to send and receive assets in crypto and fiat to Fintap users as well as users of other services. Transactions can be performed in the framework of their native transports (e.g. a blockchain), or with colored coins on top of EON blockchain. This article explains how to perform transactions to an external wallet.

Asset or currency transactions, apart from EON tokens, are performed with the colored coins (for example, e-BTC as opposed to the original BTC that are stored in the cold storage). This applies to the transactions both inside and outside the EON network. The transfer of assets and currencies to the outside wallet releases the original currency from the cold storage, and burns the corresponding amount of colored coins.

1. Tap Withdraw at the main screen of the app.

2. Choose the currency you'd like to send. Here, you will see only those currencies that you currently have in your wallets.

3. Enter the amount you want and tap the confirmation button.

4. Enter the recipient’s wallet address in the corresponding field and tap Withdraw.

5. You will need to confirm the transaction with a PIN-code or biometry.

6. Finally, you'll see the transaction's details.

Please note that it takes some time for your money to reach the destination. You can see the estimated time when you choose the transport and at the confirmation page. However, the real time is heavily dependent on the chosen transport and its working capacity.