Fiat → Crypto

In this article, we will go through the process of exchanging a fiat currency to a cryptocurrency. As an example, the exchange will be made from EUR to ETH.

1. On the Main screen, tap Exchange and choose the sell currency.

2. Choosing the withdrawal currency, Switch to the Fiat tab and choose the currency you'd like to exchange. You'll see only those currencies that you have in your wallets.

3. Enter the amount and confirm it by tapping the confirmation button on your screen keyboard.

4. Choose one of the available pairs to make an exchange to.

5. You'll see the page with the exchanging details. Also, there is a timer, that shows the time after which the exchanging rate will be updated automatically. If you want to lock an existing rate, tap Fix exchange.

6. Here, you'll have 15 extra seconds to confirm the information and approve the transaction. In case the exchange is not completed by that time, the rate lock will be reset, effectively returning you to the previous step. If everything looks good, tap Exchange and enter your PIN.

7. After the exchange order is placed, you'll see its details. The exchange takes time to perform, after which you'll receive the desired currency.