ID verification

Identity verification is carried out by a dedicated identity verification provider. The procedure requires the user to provide their government issued ID for identity proof.

Here is the list of supported documents. It is strongly recommended to check the document to be used for the verification against this list prior to starting the process.

Residence permits are not supported despite the fact that they are on the list.

You will need a quality camera built- or plugged in to your device to complete this verification.

The list of accepted documents is constantly updated, however certain limitations apply:

  • The document needs to contain Latin letters and/ or a machine-readable zone (MRZ) to be accepted;
  • When using your government-issued ID card, please note that some countries may have a variety of government-issued ID cards, not all of which may currently be accepted. For this reason, to avoid multiple verification attempts, it is advised to use (a supported type of) passport.

To start document verification process go SettingsKYC Status → [Payment Method] → ID:

Tap Continue and follow instructions on the screen. The detailed guidance is provided through the whole verification process. Here are some key screenshots for reference.