Questionnaire Form

To successfully complete the KYC verification process, kindly fill out, print, and sign the questionnaire form. Next, send a scanned copy or a photo of the completed form to


To complete the last verification step, go to SettingsKYC StatusUtility Bill.

Please provide the answers that best reflect your preferences. Some questions offer multiple choice options, while others require you to input specific information. Once you have completed the questionnaire, simply tap the Submit button.

Our dedicated in-house security officers will carefully review the questionnaire submitted. They will then proceed to either verify it through a corresponding notification, or reach out to provide guidance on achieving compliance with our verification policy, in case of rejection. Rest assured, we are committed to ensuring the security of our processes while maintaining effective communication.

Once accomplished, the KYC status is prominently displayed in the respective section of Fintap under SettingsKYC Status.

You can always check the status of KYC verifications, be redirected to respective KYC interfaces for further verification steps, and find other useful links in these sections.


  • Please complete the questionnaire in English.
  • Please ensure that the document is manually signed, with the Applicant's initials and Signature entered in the designated fields.
  • Please enter your initials in the designated field using this format: J S for John Smith, for example.
  • Please provide a signature for the signature field.