Using the Chat

This article will guide you through the process of sending money to another Fintap user through the built-in chat. Here, we'll use USDT as an example, but the steps are the same for every currency.

1. Go to the Chats tab and tap ❇️ at the bottom-right of the screen

2. You can either choose the existing contact to send money to (skip to point 5 of this article) or add a new one. Also, you can Invite your friends to become a Fintap user and send any supported assets to a friend of yours using Fintap chat. We will go with the Add a contact option.

3. Enter the recipient's EON ID or scan his/ her QR-code. The latter requires you to give a permission for camera use.

4. User is found. Tap Start a chat.

5. The chat is started. Tap the attach button (сlip) in the lower left corner → Send in Fintap.

6. Choose the currency.

In this case we want to send EON, so we tap EON and proceed.

7. Enter the amount, tap Send and confirm your PIN code.

Recipient's EON ID is already entered.

8. The transaction is initiated and sent as a message in your chat.

Tap View details to open the transaction details panel. This panel includes the transaction ID, current transaction status, time needed to finalize the payment and other details.

Note: All your transaction history is displayed in the FinBot chat.