Recovering Access

This article will guide you through the process of recovering your Fintap account. Please keep in mind that you can regain access to your wallets and funds only if you have a viable either backup Secret key or backup QR-code stored in a safe place, and if you know your PIN code.

There are no other ways to recover your account without both the QR-code/Secret key and the PIN code, so it is important to keep them safe. Follow these steps to restore your Fintap wallet from a backup.

1. Go to the App Store/ Google Play, install and launch Fintap.

2. Select the language and tap I already have an account.

3. Select a recovery method:

3.1 Scan QR-code. If you tap Scan QR-code, you'll be asked to scan the saved QR-code (see Backing up a secret key) with the camera of your phone. Scan the QR-code and enter the PIN code.

3.2 Upload QR-code file. If you tap Upload QR-code file, the app will ask you to choose a file with the QR-code on your device and enter the PIN code.

3.3 Enter a secret key option will allow you to enter a full list of combinations of digits and letters. Then enter the PIN code.

Once you enter all the backup information, you'll successfully access your account.