Dashboard Overview

Dashboard is Fintap Home page that combines useful tool and information. You can personalize the tools to your preference.

Let's explore the elements of Dashboard step by step:

Account bar

The upper area displays your name, EON ID and profile photo. Tap the Settings button to change the application settings. There you can view your personal data, banking details and make a backup of your account.

Tap your account (your name or EON ID) to open My Fintap Profile page:

Here you can change your Fintap name and profile photo. You can also find your QR code here to receive funds and friend invitations.


Stories bar much like in social media apps includes a list of stories. Stories will guide you through the app and inform you on updates.

Total balance

Total balance widget displays the amount of total assets you have in Fintap.

You can change the base currency. Tap Total balance. The following window will be opened:

Select a currency here to see your total asset balance in that currency.

Hide button lets you to conceal your balance. Show button uncovers the balance.

Dashboard bar

The Home button will return you to the Dashboard screen.

Tap the QR code to scan another person's requisites QR code for both EON and external blockchain.

The Invoice button shows all your invoices.

The Chats button opens a section with all chats and groups.

The Wallet button will move you to following window:

Here you can use all the available financial instruments of your app.

Quick applications

Quick applications bar displays your favorite apps on the Dashbord screen.

Tap More to see all available applications:

Tap Edit๐Ÿ“ and customize your apps displayed on Dashbord screen: Tap ๐Ÿ—‘ to delete an application from your favourite and โž• to add.